Judy Godec. processing wild harvest Helichrysum italicum in Corsica
Judy Godec's Telluride Colorado boutique, Medicine Ranch

The Story


Judy first discovered the power of essential oils while living in France in the early 1980’s, when she was given Dr. Jean Valnet’s seminal treatise “l”Aromatherapie, Traitement des Maladies par les Essences des Plantes,” or “Aromatherapy, Treating Disease with Essential Oils.” At that time, the French pharmacopeia included herbs and essential oils alongside allopathic remedies and it was then she began a lifelong study of their myriad therapeutic benefits.


Fifteen years later when her children were born, Judy dedicated herself to deeper study of the oils to replace Western medicine’s default pharmaceutical solution, which focused primarily on symptoms and illness rather than health, well-being, longevity and happiness.


The natural affinity that exists between essential oils and the organ of the skin also became apparent, which led her to use her experience to formulate skin care and ceremonial compounds for herself and friends.


The success of her botanical skin care line and educational courses for her companies, Venus & Vetiver, and her apothecary store, Medicine Ranch in Telluride, CO, has enabled Judy to share the magic and power of aromatic treasures while helping women realize their innate and radiant beauty.


She has written manuals, monographs, and blogs on essential oils and beauty for several essential oil companies. She also consults with aspiring entrepreneurs in starting their own essential oil-based product business.


Judy gratefully credits her primary teachers Jeffrey Yuen, David Crow, Kurt Schnaubelt, and Valerie Worwood for advancing and deepening her love and understanding of aromatic oils.