Boost My Amplitude Feel Good Formula


Get more YOU out of You!


Copious Dropperfuls Recommended




Contents: XXX Superior Adaptogen Formula  *Contains Alcohol* (see below for ingredients)


XXX Superior Adaptogen Formula ingredients:
Premium tincturing brandy, honey, glycerine, kirin, American & Siberian ginsengs, cordyceps, Orchid tuber, horny goat weed, Psoralea seed, Lotus seed & bud, Codonopsis root, ginko biloba, schisandra, deer antler, gecko, turtle & tortoise shell, praying mantis egg case, reishi, coriolis & armillaria mushrooms, pseudostellaria, goji berry, dang gui, poria, rehmannia, peony atractylodes, ligusticum, fo-ti, morinda, astragalus, anemarhennae, phellodendron, ophiopogon, ciboti, licorice, cinnamon, citrus peel, jade

Boost My Amplitude


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