Available in 2oz and 4oz sizes.


Hormones wreak havoc with our systems, especially the perimenopausal wild swings. This is the sole formula I have found that works for hot flashes, mood swings, and general crazy making. For me, it took about 3 weeks to take effect, and by that time I was almost completely asymptomatic. A miracle!


  • 2 oz. alcohol-based tincture containing:

    Brandy, Schizandra Berry, Iphlogon, Discoria, Vitex, Black Cohosh, Black Sesame Seed, Poria, Rhemannia, Goji Berry, Orchid Tuber, Psorelea Seed, Achyranthes, Ligusticum, Morinda, Phellodendron, Angelica, White Peony