Illuminating pH Balancing Hydrosol
Helichrysum, Rose, & Neroli

Action: Cell Regenerating, pH Balancing, Astringent
Stone: Jade: Moisturizing, Protecting

Give your skin hydration on the go with the botanical bliss of Immortal Dew, a revitalizing blend of precious helichrysum, rose, and neroli hydrosols. Hydrosol is “smart water” for the skin, providing on-demand hydration and refreshment to the spirit. Ideal for brightening and toning mature skin.

Hydrosols are floral waters, the aqueous extract of steam-distilled botanicals. They are anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic, mildly toning while simultaneously hydrating the skin. It is vitally important to maintain a layer of aqueous moisture between cleansing and moisturizing. Always apply hydrosol (or filtered water) to skin prior to moisturizing – your product will go much further and the ‘dew’ will be trapped and absorbed by your thirsty skin. Leaves skin plump, dewy, and glowing.

Immortal Dew

  • How: Mist face and décolleté between cleansing and moisturizing, or whenever skin is calling for hydration.

    Contents: Organic Rose hydrosol, Organic Helichrysum hydrosol, Organic Neroli hydrosol. **Please keep this product refrigerated – it will prolong the vital essence of the hydrosol. {External use only, plz}