Set of 5 oils, 15 Ml Each

Physical Comfort, Conscious Dying Oils

  • Application: The essential oils are in a carrier oil and may be applied through direct inhalation, or on soles of feet or anywhere on the body (many people apply each oil in the vicinity of the traditional chakra locations).

    [external use only, please; not for use in diffuser (contains fatty oils)]

    More Info:

    The Chakra System
    The Chakras are a complex of energies coalesced into 7 centers along the spine. They are gateways for the flow of energy and life into our physical bodies. Each chakra corresponds to the refinement of energy representing integration on all levels. In balance, the chakras unite radiantly into full self-awareness.

    The degree of openness and flow through our chakras determines our state of health and balance. Meditation and yoga seeks to purify, balance, and harmonize the chakra fields. Each center is integral to our energetic balance.