Finally, a program that supports your skin’s long term beauty and well-being.   Equip yourself with essential information necessary to, once and for all, take charge of your skinhealth and reverse unhealthy patterns without endangering your skin or your pocketbook!  Five entertaining, hour-long, watch-anytime videos with supporting written information so that you can quickly, easily and effectively implement your own personalized radiant skin regimen.

Radiant Skin Regimen VIDEO COURSE

  • RADIANT SKIN REGIMEN information package:
    · -Full RADIANT SKIN REGIMEN course (five 5-hour videos, plus reference pdf’s)
    · - Private 15 min. consultation with Judy to dial in your regimen

    The V&V Promise: in 10 years (forget that, in 10 days!) you will be SO glad you got serious about your skin health by implementing a simple, transformational regimen that provides results, both immediate and long term.

    100% no-questions-asked-no-hard-feelings money back guarantee.