GREEN AMAZONITE: Calming and Soothing to Irritated Skin

Amazonite is thought to be stress relieving and to calm inflamed skin through stimulating circulation in epithelial tissue, that is skin, lungs, and intestines. An exceptionally soothing stone, amazonite is said to relieve heat-related skin conditions such as acne, infection, rashes, and blisters. Amazonite is also considered helpful in balancing the metabolic processes of calcium assimilation.

Taken as an elixir, amazonite regulates calcium deficiency, assists in resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis, and for reducing calcium deposits. Who knew washing your face could be so powerful! Green Amazonite in Vetiver Dream Cleansing Oil.

Acupressure point: Because Green Amazonite is used to manage stress, the Pupil Bone acupressure point (the bone at the outside corner of the eyes) is a good point to use in conjunction with this healing stone. This point is associated with stress relief, improved vision, releasing engrained thought patterns, and inner calm.

Other fun stuff: Green amazonite is believed to protect against electromagnetic pollution, especially microwaves and cell phone wavelengths (tape it to your I-Phone!).



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