One of your Very Best Friends in the Anti-aging Arena

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the free radical eradicator par excellence, providing super-charged antioxidant activity while evening skin tone, texture and pigmentation. It is also potent exfoliant with a low molecular weight that allows it to reach the dermis, enabling collagen production and supporting the structural integrity of the extracellular skin matrix. The sole means of increasing skin’s vitamin C content is to apply it topically, and since those levels drop over 400% by the time we reach middle age, we must replenish it manually.

A major drawback to vitamin C is its marked instability upon exposure to air. Once vitamin C starts the oxidization process - the clock starts ticking the minute you open the bottle - it begins to degrade, generating a cascade of skin-damaging free radicals. The solution is to start with ascorbic acid powder, mix it fresh and use within a few days, or buy a vitamin c serum that uses the only safe and effective form of oil-soluble vitamin c, called tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. Oil-soluble vitamin C is not as effective as it's fresh, water soluble counterpart, but it's a worthy addition to oil-based products.

With its stellar anti-aging track record supported by countless clinical trials, Vitamin C is an invaluable addition to any skin care regimen. Maybe you aren’t a do it yourselfer, but in this case, it is worth the 30 seconds of extra effort.

Important Beauty Tip: The most bioavailable form of vitamin C is ascorbic or l-ascorbic acid. There are many compounds that are labeled “Vitamin C”, so don’t think you can crush up your children’s chewable vitamins and get results!

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