Glamour on the Inside

Greetings! Hedy Lamarr famously said "Any girl can be glamorous; all you have to do is stand still and look stupid." Though I positively LOVE her wit and commentary (and migod was she on fleek), it's nice now and then to shed the ripped jeans and don something pretty for a holiday party. Outer adornment is one way we lovely females show our appreciation for our OWN divine gift of beauty. But there's also inner glamour. The kind only you know about, because it mostly remains unseen. More on that shortly, but in the meantime.... is it really already that time of year? The time when we start thinking "I better get my holiday shopping done before it's a zoo out there" and then promptly wait until the week before said holiday to do anything about it? I myself am not much of a shopper. I love beautiful things, but I don't want to take the time to go out and look for those things. I would like them to drop in my lap. Or in my inbox. So a brief note to say that I have given some thought to my own procrastination conundrum (and possibly yours), and have come up with a one size fits all gift, one that even gentlemen will appreciate. Enter Olive Oil Body Glaze, a plus-size holidays-only concoction made of pure ingredients that the body simply drinks in on these cold dry days. My deal is you can buy as many as you want til I run out, and if you spend $125 (on this or anything in my line) then I send you a free 4 oz. jar of the deliciously unctuous stuff. I have made only a hundred or so, so I will run out. Get 'em while they're cool and creamy!!product/prd15/4409725341/olive-oil-body-glaze%2C-unscented There is something mysterious and well, sexy about doing something for ourselves that is beautifying and yet is invisible to most of the people around us. Now and then it's nice to have a glamorous little secret... xo judy

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