"Every rose has its thorn."

September 2022

Hello! In times of stress or uncertainty it is important to remember that nothing is perfect. We all have thorns and we all have growth to do. As we all prepare for a change in seasons it is vital that we take care of our physical and mental health. A proper skincare regimen can help make us feel better all around. Venus + Vetiver is here for you! Why not start with Whipped Roses Moisture Concentrate? SHOP Whipped Roses and become part of the countless number that have fallen in love with this product. Made up of Raw Shea Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Vitamin E & Essential Oils of Rose+ Palmarosa + Rose Geranium. Your skin will thank you for the nourishment and dewy glow! Judy suggests: Add a hydrosol when applying Whipped Roses. With cleans hands scoop a small pea-sized amount and add to hydrosol-moistened palm. Rub hands together vigorously to emulsify. Pat onto face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands. Choose your hydrosol: We have two different hydrosols to offer. Cucumber Rose and Immortal Dew - Both smell amazing! Why invest in skincare? You are worth it! If we all take care of ourselves we will be more willing and able to take care of each other and this planet. Stay well! Feel free to reach out via email (JudyGodec@gmail.com), txt or voicemail (303.5481998) With a whole lotta light & love, Judy & V+V Team http://www.VenusandVetiver.com/ http://www.MedRanch.com/

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